Turbulent Present of Publishing: Why Self-Publishing is Attractive

Self-publishing is attractive to writers because it allows them to see their work in print quickly, but it is exactly this approach and quick distribution that does not guarantee them many sales or opportunities for large scale readership. Self-published ebooks are a particularly hard market to crack largely as a result of the sheer number of products that are available. As a result of the number of books that are available, readers need a way to sift through the information. Amazon and other online search engines provide readers with some way to find what they are looking for if they do not know what it is exactly that they want, but reviews will continue to be an important way for readers to discover and learn about new books.

Another major consideration of self-publishing is the quality of the books. Many self-published ebooks lack the design, look and editing that we all come to expect from professionally published books. As a result, readers are presented with poorly designed covers and substandard interior designed books. Even if the book is well written and edited, a bad cover and an inconsistent interior design will make it look unprofessional even to the more inexperienced eyes.

There are many different issues that exist in self-publishing and ebook publishing. However, this state of unrest also means that there are a lot of exciting opportunities for writers, publishers and readers. Writers can now make their work available to readers directly, if they so wish, without going through the traditional editing and publishing process. As a result, many writers see an interest in their works from consumers, even though they may have been rejected by various publishing houses before. Traditional publishers have the opportunity to capture another aspect of the market by opening themselves up to self-publishing or various online imprints. This way they can put in some resources for editing, but distribute a large number of popular books in an easy to distribute and discard format. This approach will save traditional publishers money and effort while still capturing some of the ebook/self-publishing market. Small publishers have even more of an opportunity. They can devote their resources to publishing exclusively online and save money on printing and shipping, instead focusing on editing and producing a high quality product. Instability is an unsafe state of being, but it is also one where there is greatest opportunity for creating something new and exciting.

One of the aims of Barbaroi House is to create a space where writers can share all of these responsibilities and create products which are competitive with the traditional publishing houses.


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