My Role as Writer 2

As I have argued in my previous essay, I believe that the way that writers gain power and get a voice in distribution of their works is through collective publishing. Knowing this, I feel that is my responsibility to try to put together a collective that would accomplish these goals. This would be a place where writers share the responsibility of editing and pre-publication marketing efforts in order to get the books reviewed and sold to libraries, and eventually bookstores and to end-consumers. This collective would be inclusive and aim to allow as many writers (writing in many different genres) to participate as possible as long as their able to edit a book in return for having one of their books edited. The collective would also share in the successes of its members, in that the profits made by one book will be somewhat equally distributed, inspiring all to contribute to each others’ promotional efforts.

For many years, my dream of being a published writer made me feel trapped and powerless. I felt that my writing would never been seen or enjoyed unless I spent all my time writing blogs and promoting myself, which took me a way from my writing and caused me to talk way more about myself than I felt comfortable. But the idea of this collective is inspiring to me because it would help me help other people publish their works and put me in touch with a community who supports and nurtures each other and also financially benefits from each other successes.


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