My Role as Writer 4

For a long time, I only dreamt of adventure, but in the last few years I have become someone who seeks adventure. I devote much of my time to traveling and exploring the world, and I am proud of myself for going to parts of the world that I never thought I would. For awhile, I did not have much interest in exploring “the third world,” but in my travels I realized that that was something that was merely as a result of fear. I thought it would be such a foreign place, but I now know that I had nothing to fear. The “third world” is like so many parts of America, it just seems foreign because people speak a different language. In fact, I now see more foreignness in America than I do in Belize and Mexico.

I see my role as a writer as someone who is a storyteller, an adventurer and a publisher. But as a publisher, I see myself as someone who empowers others, helps others get published, and gets empowerment and support in return. My travels have made me a more open, compassionate and sympathetic person. I did not have a lot of patience for people’s mistakes before, but now I know that people come from different backgrounds and different experiences, and that all of these things play roles in their lives and in their perceptions. As a result, my role as a writer encourages and pushes me to share what I have learned as well as continue to learn from others.


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